These are just a few samples of some of my work. If you are looking for team apparel, fan wear, or company swag I would love to partner with you to make your project. I truly believe this is a partnership, I want you to be involved and give feedback. You have to love this stuff! I can do a tonne of stuff. like touques blankets, hoodies, t shirts.  I learn more about what and how to decorate something everyday. I would love to talk to you about your project. I have worked with many local teams, schools and businesses and I am more then happy to make your project as involved as you want to be. If you want to do a team store on line we can do that! If you want to have an in store try on night we can do that. If you want an on location try on night I am more then happy to do that. I will provide your team with forms to make the ordering procedure easy and fun! You will always know where your project is at. There will be no more wondering when are we getting this or that.... Weather it is one piece or three hundred pieces I will make sure you are one hundred percent happy with the product you receive. 

Team Apparel